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I like to sit with you and listen deeply.  I am a sensitive and relational practitioner, tuning into what you say, what you don't say and your unique sensitivity. I bring the natural world, expressive creativity into my practice to support our work together.

I support you to become grounded and connected into your core self ,discovering your deeper truth within.  When we access these parts of ourselves, I believe we can become aware of our innate wisdoms and gifts.  We work with all the levels, physical, emotional and spiritual.


I have been in private practice for 20 years both as an energy worker and as a Gestalt 

Therapist.  I was drawn to the healing arts for my own health and wellness many years ago. I  had a felt sense and strong intuition which guided me to work with energy therapies and support others in their journey to wellbeing.  I enjoy the ocean and the trees and live near nature which supports my own practice. 


I have had extensive experience in counselling and psychotherapy, allied health, community welfare and disability.   Today I am committed to work deeper with the healing arts and enjoy the quieter lifestyle in nature and working from my studio online and face to face.

Foggy Forest


We acknowledge the Elders – past, present and emerging – of all the land we work and live on. We acknowledge their Ancestral Spirits, with gratitude and resect.

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