Dawn enjoys her work, its a passion and she has a deep desire through her own experience of healing to assist people in aligning on all levels. She is an Energy Healer and Gestalt Therapist with a combined experience in the field of 25 years. She has been supporting many clients over this time to begin their journey to health and to discover their fullest potential. Dawn draws on a magnitude of experience to support healing in many different ways.  She continues to study the philosophies and techniques of various healing arts to support her clients.  

Dawn's approach is relational and heart-centered. She has deep listening skills and believes that her clients have their own truth within and supports to bring it into awareness. She supports people to assist in healing long-standing patterns that can disrupt relationships and everyday life. Dawn's sessions make it possible to face sometimes painful experiences in a safe and respectful environment.


Dawn is eclectic in her approach. By attuning to her client's needs, she able to flow the energy where attention is required emotionally, physically or spiritually. Using various methods to support trauma clearance, increase vitality and build greater awareness of  your own support systems she is able to meet your needs. 


Her experience is in private practice as a Gestalt Therapist,  Energy Healing Practitioner, facilitating personal growth groups.  She has previously worked in Allied Health Rehabilitation and Psychoeducation, Meditation groups, energy healing awareness workshops. She was the Founder and Facilitator of The Volunteer Friendship Program on Queensland's Sunshine Coast, winning the 2001 Health Awards. These experiences shaped her personable approach and desire to join with you in your healing journey.


The ocean and all its creatures fascinate Dawn.  In her spare time, she can be found exploring the coastal regions, swimming, snorkeling, meditating and photographing nature, sunrise, and sunsets. Dawn brings her passion for ocean energy into her practice.

She enjoys spending time with her family and good friends.