Chiron Healing® aids the resolution of physical problems, as well as emotional and spiritual trauma. The healing is intended to affect all three levels together to harmonize the body.  Chiron Healing is used to clear blockages in your blueprint (Aura of energy),  connect you to your own source energy, ground, balance chakras, repair and redraw energy lines and reinforce your master diamond pattern.


The work enhances the clarity of thought, assists you to become more deeply connected with yourself, your relationships and the world around you.


Chiron Healing®  is a natural form of energy healing drawing on ancient wisdom and pure source energy intuitively directed through the hands. Essences and oils are also used to assist the healing.


The Chiron journey is the journey of learning to rely on your intuition and deep inner knowing because it is only you who knows your own truth, and that is the only truth YOU can use.  If something doesn't feel right deep in your core, then it isn't part of your truth.  ( Jan Thomas, nee Trenordan) 

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Genome  Healing
"where spirituality and science unite"


By connecting more deeply and listening to the messages of our body we can affect change at every level of our being. 

In a session, I guide you into the organs and systems of your body, this includes all aspects of your body such as telomeres, chromosomes, hormones, and blood and much more. We allow these parts of yourself to have a voice.  When these body systems are able to voice their feelings, we are able to identify where there is discord.  We then enter into a process of transformation to an optimal functioning blueprint as it was originally created perfectly.  


During this process, you are able to hear your organs tell you the profound shifts that happen within them.  In the session, we often identify past trauma and dis-at-easements connected to the ancestry.  At this point, we are able to clear old ancestral patterns.  When we clear these old patterns, positive shifts can occur and your future generations can benefit.

We clear past traumas using a trauma clearance method, breaking down the trauma energy matrix at its source, where the trauma first began.  This is a rapid method and only takes minimal time.
When we resonate with openness and love, rather than fear and aggression our whole body regenerates.