Energy Healing

Dawn has studied and practiced energy healing for for three decades. She has supported many people within Australia and Internationally.

Having studied many different types of healing she believes that being cleared and protected through energy techniques can increase vitality and reduce negative feelings. 

The most important part of energy healing that Dawn practices is to teach clients how to clear and protect their own energy. 


By connecting more deeply and listening to the messages of our body we can affect change at every level of our being. 

Dawn has been practicing Chiron Healing® since 2006. This method of healing works with the Energy that surrounds our physical body referred to as Etheric energy or the Aura. It is within this subtle network of etheric energy that Chiron Healing practitioners work, drawing energy through the hands to bring about healing on all levels. The specific yet subtle, non-invasive techniques alleviate ‘dis-at-easements’ by clearing, repairing and strengthening the etheric pattern and by correcting imbalances at their source. Essences are used to enhance the healing process, these are dropped onto the body within the relevant area.

She has studied many healing arts over the past three decades which have allowed her to meet many of the needs of her clients.  Some of her experience gained from Shamans and energy healers both locals and internationally.