Gestalt Therapy


Working together to discover, become aware of your patterns, explore possibilities!

Gestalt means wholeness and is a client-centered and relational and noninterpretative. Gestalt therapy supports people to gain a deeper awareness of 'what is' right now, rather than what they may perceive to be happening based on past experience.  Through the gestalt process, clients learn to become more sensitive to how their own negative thought patterns and behaviors are blocking true self-awareness. 


Gestalt therapy can support clients with issues such as anxiety, depression, relationship difficulties, and physical conditions. Good candidates for gestalt therapy are those who are interested in working on their self-awareness but may or may not understand the role they play in their own unhappiness and discomfort. Gestalt techniques are often used in combination with bodywork, dance, art, drama, and other therapies.


Gestalt Therapy is also relational, holistic and an experiential form of counselling. Rather than just talking about an issue, I invite you to explore your current experience. We then can experiment so that you can gain greater awareness from a different perspective. I pay close attention to your present experience, feelings, body sensations, movements, and thoughts. We work together closely in a creative and safe environment exploring and experimenting ways to heighten your experience and to be in full contact with yourself, allowing you to integrate many aspects of yourself.  


Paradoxically, when we accept and experience who we truly are in the 'here and now' a natural change can occur that opens you to change and to make healthy choices for your future. 

 This process leads to greater self-acceptance and increased choice and flexibility about how to respond to life.


”People are enabled to find their own meaning"