What people say....

It is impossible for me to describe a person like you with words because you are pure energy. You have the sensibility to understand people through their energy. Thank you for each moment they will be in my heart and mind forever like you will be in my heart.   Health Professional Brazil

A healing with Dawn is an experience that goes beyond words I can explain. I leave her feeling a weight of the world has left my shoulders. My soul is somehow lighter and a sense of inner calm pervades my body an mind.  When I am tired and wired from my daily life I see Dawn and I am cleansed and brought back to the inner place that is me.  Dawn is an earth angel and met her calling to help others. I don't know how she does it ... but she does amazing things for my physical and spiritual body.

Amanda Deshong - Professional Brisbane

I always approach 'energy healing' practices with skepticism, but also with an open mind. I knew after the first session with Dawn that she knew what she was doing.  Her treatment made both subtle and very tangible improvements in my mental, emotional and physical body. Her treatments have helped me with my spine injury, with becoming more flexible and balanced in my hips, and strengthened my confidence and sense of purpose. I'm glad I took the first step to give it a try because its opened up aspects of myself that I knew were there but just needed some help to access.

Health Professional Brisbane